Story Of Nuffnang,nuffnang

"It all started with a Pussycat Dolls concert in London..."

"That's where UCL student, Timothy Tiah and LSE student, Cheo Ming Shen first met and hit it off as friends. Instead of watching six sexy ladies serenade the crowd, they talked and discovered they shared many similarities. Both of them had previous experiences in online entrepreneurship during their student years: Tim started a tuition matching service and Ming built an online gadget store."

"One fateful day, over lunch at Leicester Square, they decided to embark on a new venture together. 
While in London, Timothy eased his homesickness by sharing a joke blog with a friend, which they both kept till they graduated. After nine months, whoever had the funniest jokes documented on the blog, would win a roast duck dinner from the other. But Tim got more than just a roast duck dinner; his joke blog eventually led to an idea, which he told himself that he'll try if no one had done it yet after he graduated."

"Initially, their blog became rather popular only among the Malaysians in London, but readership kept increasing until Tim realized the blogging community was no longer a niche. It was growing.What he noticed was that there were a lot of people reading blogs but no brands or advertisers reaching out to bloggers. His blogger friends told him they had tried to approach brands, but nothing came out of it. It was then he knew what the blogging community needed: a hub that represented bloggers to advertisers." was born.”

" was launched on 27th Feb 2007, and had 300 bloggers signed up within the first 3 days. launched shortly after, during April 2007. Five years later, in 2012, has expanded to 7 countries namely Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Australia with a database of 1,000,000 bloggers.

"Thousands of bloggers have been served ads by various blue-chip companies such as Nike, Citibank, Nokia, F&N, Disney Pictures, Honda, Samsung, Proctor & Gamble and many more."

not only does Nuffnang functions as the first blog advertising community, but more importantly, it continues to build relationships to form a close-knit community we like to refer to as a blogging family. Our bloggers call themselves, Nuffnangers, while the Nuffnang team is fondly known as Nuffies. Together, we strive to keep this community for bloggers by bloggers growing."

About Nuffnang,nuffnang

Nuffnang is the world's leading blog advertising community, for people who share the passion for blogging like we do! Our community currently reaches out to 1, 000, 000 bloggers in 8 countries and regions - Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and United Kingdom.

At Nuffnang, bloggers generate income through blog ads placed by various brands, and become part of a close-knit community through a vast range of exclusive events and contests we organize and support, especially for you. A community for bloggers by bloggers, Nuffnang strives to keep the local blogosphere growing.

For Bloggers

Want to meet like-minded people and connect with them?

With Nuffnang, you can achieve that and so much more. We provide you with access to exclusive events just for bloggers such as themed parties, blockbuster premieres and product launches. Bloggers also receive special opportunities to review new products and services as well as chances to win cool prizes from our (very frequent!) community contests. Get involved and earn, simply by expressing yourself on your blog.

For Advertisers

Looking to get your brand out through blogger engagement?

We at Nuffnang connect you to bloggers, and make sure you are matched with the best bloggers to spread the word based on their content and readership. Our thoughtfully-crafted matches give your brand exposure to your target audience, and help create close relationships with them too. For more inquiries, get in touch with us at the helpdesk.